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SIZE:Medium Square 3×3

QTY:200 Bales

PRICE:75.00 per Bale

DELIVERY OFFER:Delivery for a Fee


Alfalfa hay  here at Hay Farms with super fast delivery worldwide and secured payment options. We reserve our best alfalfa if it meets our standard for “feedstore quality”. That typically means a well-conditioned 1st cutting or 2nd and 3rd cutting that is soft-stemmed, green and l We do segregate our cuttings and can provide a nutritional analysis or recommendation depending on your feed priorities—protein, sugar, palatability, etc. We harvest late-season 4th cutting alfalfa that is extremely dense and leafy. It is very light-stemmed and highly palatable with “supreme” forage quality characteristics. This alfalfa makes exceptional feed for dairy cows, dairy goats, sheep or other stock with high protein needs.

Alfalfa Hay for sale is a high-fiber legume. It has the same long–strand fiber found in grass hays, only it has more protein, energy and calcium. In general alfalfa has 120% more energy than oat hay. Our alfalfa hay is very fine stemmed and weed free with lots of color. All sizes of animals love our alfalfa hay including rabbits, goats, sheep, horses and cattle. Hay Bales

Plus, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied, we’ll fix that. Add orchard hay to your stash of small animal supplies… you won’t regret it. And your little will love you.

Alfalfa hay is an excellent feed for your animals. The stem to leaf ratio is slightly higher than our premium hay, but the quality is still very high. As with all our Alfalfa hay, we inspect and grade every lot for the leaf to stem ratio, moisture content, color, contaminates like mold and pests, stem size, and nutrition levels


Alfalfa hay is one of the best hays fed to horses. Several characteristics of alfalfa make it an excellent hay for horses. Use as treat to add interest to regular diet. This is also the hay young animals (under 1 year) need for healthy growth to adulthood. Guru.

  • It is highly palatable. Most horses will readily consume hay.
  • It is high in energy. It has 120 percent more energy per unit in weight than oat hay. Therefore, it takes less hay to meet a horse’s nutrient needs when feeding alfalfa. However, the high-energy content may lead to overfeeding and to a fat horse.
  • It is high in protein. IT is high in good-quality protein. Crude protein values can be as high as 18 to 19 percent. People once thought that feeding alfalfa hay to horses caused kidney damage because of increased urination and ammonia production.
  • It is a good source of vitamins and minerals. If cured correctly, vitamin C content will be high. The calcium:phosphorus ratio is about 6:1 and must be considered when feeding young, growing horses.

There are generally five to eight cuttings from an alfalfa field each year when irrigated, four to five when not irrigated. The first cutting will have more weeds and grass; the second cutting is usually clean with small stems. The third cutting is good hay, and the fourth and fifth cuttings begin to have more stems and fewer leaves. As more stems are present, the quality of the hay decreases and palatability declines


3X3 large square. First, second, third, and fourth premium dairy quality alfalfa. Dry and tight.
28 day rotation. Well fertilized. Delivery available. $75 a bale while supplies last.


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