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Medium Square 3×3

200 Bales

175.00 per Bale



Can’t decide if you should feed a grass hay, alfalfa or both?  A grass/alfalfa mix can provide the best of both worlds!  A quality grass/alfalfa mix like our premium orchardgrass/alfalfa product. Can give you better energy and protein than a conventional grass hay product while reducing any concerns connected with feeding straight alfalfa. ALFALFA HAY grass

Our standard mix is a 60/40 blend, though with any mixed species hay you should expect. A little variability in the percentage of each species due to natural variation in the field.  We also carry products that are heavy to either orchardgrass or alfalfa (80/20 or 20/80 %, approximately) so if you would like a blend that is composed of more of one species than the other we can usually accommodate that.  Please contact us directly to specify.

The same principals of quality hay selection in both alfalfa and shop ply to the mix products.  Most of our mixes are second cutting products when optimal grass growth stage corresponds with proliferation of alfalfa in the stand. ALFALFA HAY grass

 orchardgrass/alfalfa mix hay is an excellent choice for pregnant or lactating mares or developing individuals.  For customers looking for a premium product with the benefits of both grass and legume forages, this is it!

Product available for pick up, Standard Delivery and Jamback Direct hay

The agronomic reasons for adding grass to alfalfa are:

  1. Increased seeding year yields – some grasses, such as Italian ryegrass, will establish faster than the alfalfa and produce more total forage yield in seeding year than alfalfa alone.
  2. Wider harvest window on second and later cuttings.  many cool season grasses head little.
  3. Not at all after first cutting therefore regrowth is primarily leaves which change little in forage quality over 7 to 10 days around harvest time.

Small square

bale hay 1st cutting, second, third cutting. Prices start at $6. Good dry hay with good color

Stand was surprisingly good, even with the drought. Limed, P&K, will spray for bugs and weeds come spring and add more fert.. 50-60 lb wire tie bales. $10/per if you pick up in the field. $11/per if I have to stack and store.

Delivery is negotiable with loads of 200 bales per delivery on my flatbed. Looking for a buyer to contract with for all of it, minus a hundred or so bales we keep for our horses.

Nice quality alfalfa. 5×5 round bales. Average weight 1,000lbs. Baled dry, low moisture content. They’re wrapped in white plastic, but it is dry hay. We’ve had success in wrapping our dry bales. They’ve been fed to horses, cattle, goats, and sheep, all being successful. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.

48 bales of horse quality alfalfa 3×3×8$200/bale 1,030#/bale average
Also have cow quality alfalfa hay 3×3×8 1,000#/bale average $185/bale.
5×6 round alfalfa hay 1,700#/bale. $270/bale

Big squares alfalfa hay, 2nd cutting, 825 lbs/ bale, cattle quality.


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