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Bermuda Grass



Small Square

100 Bales

275.00 per Bale


It makes a nice change for small animals. They like some variety in their diets; think about how many different grasses and plants they have to choose from in nature! Our indoor friends love variety, too. It’s also terrific for folks who have allergies to Timothy hay. Importantly, looking for a solution to hay boredom? Look no further. Fiber is the most important factor in a small animal diet plan. A constant supply of hay keeps the GI tract in great shape and helps to prevent bloat, stasis, and dental issues. Sound great? BERMUDA GRASS HAY


We have close relationships with the farmers in Washington State (where we started, and the home of one of our two warehouses). We personally choose what hay we like by going to fields, seeing, smelling, and touching the crops. Then, we hand pack every box that goes out, so we see it all again. Our eyes are on everything that comes to you, from the field to your door, so we can get you not only the best hay, but the most consistent, fresh hay. Importantly, this keeps your friend’s digestive system happy, and you know what to expect from us. Orchard hay is packed in a high strength corrugated box which opens and closes for easy storage.

You can’t get this in stores… just here, in our online shop. That means it comes right to you from our warehouse and doesn’t sit on extra trucks or store shelves for who knows how long. Fresh. We believe in fresh. BERMUDA GRASS HAY

Satisfaction Guarantee.

Plus, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied, we’ll fix that. Add orchard hay to your stash of small animal supplies… you won’t regret it. And your little will love you

Horse quality coastal hay available. Fertilized, managed for weeds and barn kept. Futhermore, this hay has never been rained on and it is all from the 2022 hay season.


possible in local/surrounding areas with a 20 roll minimum and there will be a delivery fee. On-site pickup has no minimum requirement.

No synthetic fertilizers

Pesticide Free

Soft and Leafy

Fully Cured

Bundles are tractor moveable, 14 squares per bundle.



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