Brome Grass


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Brome grass

is one of the most competitive grass weeds in wheat. Over the last 10 years, brome grass has increased in importance to a greater extent that any other weed species in Australia.  grass is increasingly difficult to manage due to increased cropping intensity, lack of in-crop herbicides, herbicide resistance and enhanced seed dormancy in some populations. However, at least two years of seed set control will deplete the weed seed bank. A rotation of imidazolione tolerant wheat followed by a break crop will provide good control.

Great brome usually germinates after the autumn break (optimal temperatures of 15-20°C). However, seed of some populations have developed a requirement for chilling prior to germination. As a result, these populations are germinating later in autumn/winter. Rigid brome seed does not all germinate after the break of season. It has a much slower release from dormancy than great .

Germination of great brome  is more rapid and uniform when the seeds are under crop residue (as in a no tillage system) compared to bare soil. However, optimal germination occurs when seed are buried to 1cm depth.

Rigid brome grass germination appears to be strongly inhibited by exposure to light. However, seed germination resumes upon release from innate dormancy and placement in complete darkness caused by tillage or sowing operations.

Both species will germinate at the break of season, but further cohorts will emerge in late autumn and winter. Multiple cohorts of brome  makes it difficult to target all  grass plants with in-crop herbicides.

Brome grass is a prolific seed producer.

First cut Brome large round bales. Fertilized and weed free.


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