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Timothy Grass


Small Square

7000 Bales

6.00 per Bale

Timothy Grass

Timothy Grass is the traditional favorite among horse ownersTherefore, feeding Timothy Grass has a well-established comfort level with horse people. High quality Timothy Grass contains a moderate amount of protein, usually testing at approximately 8% protein. It has a consistent and balanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus and Timothy Grass has a low to moderate calorie content. Timothy Grass is also a rich source of fiber. Seemingly, the only potential draw-back with Timothy Grass is availability. Timothy grass usually yields just two cuttings per year and requires a significant amount of water to grow. These two factors along with its traditional popularity limit the supply of Timothy Grass hay.

Timothy hay is a cool-season grass with specific climate requirements due to its shallow root system. It grows best in areas with cool springs and dry, warm summers.

Washington State is known worldwide for its Timothy hay quality and has perfectly suited growing and harvesting conditions.The low precipitation levels in this region allow for perfectly sun-cured hay with low risk of rain washing out any color or nutrients while in the windrows.

. The product was discovered by race horse owners as their premium feed for award-winning Kentucky Derby horses.

Learn more about Timothy hay for horses and cows.


Horse Quality Square Bales

First cut hay horse qualty. 12 to 15 % moisture average 42lbs bales. Load 770 bales 53 ft dry box. Loading time 90 minutes.


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